Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ghouls at the Grassmere Zoo

On Sunday night, we attended the annual Halloween party at the zoo. The boys were decked out in their costumes, and we all had a great night in the cool Nashville weather. Jack loved bouncing in the inflatables, getting down on the dance floor, going on the "spooky" hayride, riding the carousel, and trick or treating around the zoo. Sawyer loved just being outside and taking in new sights and sounds. The boys' entourage (Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa) just loved seeing them have fun!

Halloween costsumes 2008

Jack insisted that he should be a cowboy, and Sawyer should be an Indian. Great idea, Jack!

Aunt Daniele comes to town

We had a great time when Dani came to visit. Jack and I miss her so much already, and he is insisting on playing at her house with his friend, Cameron, at Christmas. We took the boys to a pumpkin festival in Franklin on Saturday, and Scott watched the little guys so Dani and I could have some girl time. It was a short but wonderful visit!

Curious Jack and Sumo Sawyer :)

Jack and Sawyer have been having lots of fun in Nashville. Jack is very excited about Halloween and is already starting to talk about Santa and Christmas. "Jack wants a scooter and guitar!" He's started asking lots of questions like "What's happening there Mommy?" and "What's that Mommy?" I can just feel the "why" questions coming!! Jack is also still obsessed with puzzles (not the peg ones but real piece puzzles) and probably does them 25+ times a day!

Sawyer is a happy healthy baby boy. He's two months now and really starting to let his personality come through...cooing, laughing a little and still loving lights/the fan. He survived his shots today and we found out he weighs 15 pounds, 5 ounces. Our little "pumpkin" as I like to call him with his super round face and light red/orange hair is in the 97 percentile and growing strong!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin farm fun!

We visited the Honey Suckle Hill Pumpkin Farm in Springfiled, TN last night. We had a great time and Jack and Cooper got to pick out their favorite pumpkins. Jack chose one for his little brother, too. The night ended on a perfect note, too...another UT victory! :) Go Horns!

A night on the town

Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful to watch our boys, so we could have a night away. We got to enjoy a couple beers and relax at the Lucinda Williams' concert with some friends. It was a fun night. I sported my new haircut for the fun, too. No more ponytails!

Happy boy!

I am starting to really see how content Sawyer is during the day. If he's not hungry or tired, he's really laid back and likes to just check out the world around him. Now if we can just kick the napping in the swing habit!!!

Gramps Greene's visit in October

We had a great time relaxing with Dad when he visited. Jack and Sawyer loved seeing Gramps and we had a FEW political discussions!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The loves of our lives...

Jack and Sawyer are making us smile so much these days. Jack is loving school and is finally starting to nap there. Praise the Lord!!!! He is definitely starting to assert his independence more, but he is still such a thoughtful little guy. He loves to do puzzles, sing his alphabet song and "Baa Baa Black Sheep," and read Curious George books...actually he just loves books of any kind. Basketball and running everywhere are his favorite outdoor pastimes. Sweet Sawyer is growing by the day and really starting to develop a personality. He's very laid back and somehow survives despite Jack's noises and occassional swipes! He is starting to smile, coo, and laugh a little. He currently loves staring at fans and lights, and really enjoys being outside in the fall weather. He also likes waking us up at night!!! :) We're tired, but having a great time!

Hook Em' Horns!!!!

We are all very excitedabout Texas' great football season this year. The boys are proud to be #1, and we pray that it lasts this weekend!

Jack's Zoo class

Jack and his buddy, Cooper, had a great time in their zoo class this fall. They got to pet turtles, snakes, a two-toed sloth and more. Sawyer loved his first trips to the zoo, too!

Visitors to Nashville

We've had a lot of fun visitors who have come to see the boys over the past couple months. It's been great having some extra hands to help out, and we loved spending more time with our family. More pics of visitors to come (Gramps Greene and Aunt Daniele!)