Thursday, June 11, 2009

Talkin' bout my girl

Jack attended a birthday party for his friend, Grace, on Tuesday. He seems to have a special connection with her, and has even asked "Is Grace my girl?" As you can see, they have a ball together. Scott and I met when we were 10, so you just never know???

The thrill of the ride

Grandma, Grandpa, Jack and I visited Beech Bend Park in Kentucky last week. It's a pretty small amusement and water park, but it was just perfect for us. Jack went once last August, and he has already become much more of a daredevil. He loved every ride, but particularly enjoyed anything that spun him very quickly. My son for sure! :) We got a kick out of the fact that he had just as much fun on the little cars that went around in a slow circle, as he did from the elevator ride that shot us up and down about 10 times. I will never forget the smile he wore that day...actually the ones we all wore.

A wonderful discovery

The Discovery Center in Murfreesboro (just outside of Nashville) has been an amazing place for my little guys to experiment and explore over the past three years. Grandma and Grandpa have taken them there countless times, and all four of them enjoyed their last visit...literally, it might have been their LAST visit. Heartbreaking.

Before I was a mommy...

I got to be an aunt. I'm a proud aunt to two little boys. Well one isn't little anymore...Conner is now 11. My brother's little man, Austin, is 4 days older than Sawyer, and he just melts my heart. I hate living so far away from them both!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chop, chop!

Mommy got a haircut!

Westward Bound Part II

Scott, Sawyer and I drove out to Memphis to meet the rest of the gang. We treated Grandma and Grandpa to a fun weekend in Memphis to thank them for everything they have done for our family these last three years in Nashville. We had a fabulous time at the Children's Museum, the Memphis Zoo, dancing on Beale Street, savoring ribs at Rendezvous, seeing the ducks at the Peabody Hotel and visiting the historic Lorraine Hotel. Mommy and Daddy even got to go to a wedding in downtown Memphis one nights are always wonderful! We had a great trip and both boys traveled well. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for loving us so much!

Westward Bount Part I

Grandma and Grandpa whisked Jack away to Tunica at the end of May. He got to stay at a casino (starting him young), spread out t0 sleep in big bed and enjoy buffet meals and chocolate-filled desserts. The threesome took a boat ride down the Mississippi River, swam in the hotel pool and visited the Children's Museum of Memphis. Jack loves vacations and getting spoiled by his Grandma and Grandpa. Fun to be continued...