Thursday, June 3, 2010


Break out the pool and popsicles!

Budding marine biologist

Scott and I can't get over the sheer joy (and concentration) we saw on See-Saw's face this weekend in the aquarium of the Indianapolis Zoo. I remember my mother-in-law mentioning that we should pay attention early on to the passions of each of our children since they may provide clues to their future careers/true callings. Marine biologist it is for our little least for the moment.

Here's a clip of Sawyer as he stood in awe of the sea lions. He could hardly speak or contain himself, but we love at the end how he turns around and says "cheese" in hopes that we take a picture of him with his new friends.

Memorial day memories

Indianapolis was the perfect rendezvous spot for the Egan and Baron families...the Caribbean Cove water park/hotel, the zoo, the children's museum, exploring downtown, breaking into a playground, stick guns, water slides, late night movies for the boys, late night drinks (for the parents), laughter, laughter and more laughter!

Costume craze

It took a lot of convincing for Jack to change out of this pirate costume. I wonder what the librarians would have thought about my little pirate that morning?

This original Jack creation (including kimono, construction goggles, ski cap, race medal and pirate hook) was donned for at least 48 hours.

Just try not to smile...Sawyer dares you!

Scott Egan had a farm...E,I,E,I,O!

You can probably hear Sawyer from afar yelling, "Daddy. Tractor. Keys." I pale in comparison!


"A sibling may be the keeper of one's identity, the only person with the keys to one's unfettered, more fundamental self." - Marian Sandmaier

A teachable moment

On a recent drive home from the park with Grandma, we spotted a construction site located directly next to a Dairy Queen. Two things the boys love...machines and ice cream. The boys sat on the hood of our car, licked away and were virtually mesmerized and silent for 15 minutes.

New friends...

No inch of dirt went untouched that day by Jack and Michael.