Friday, July 23, 2010

An only child??

Jack is off on his adventure with Grandma and Grandpa, so Sawyer has been enjoying his solo time in the spotlight. We are all missing Jack so much, but it has been wonderful to dote on SeeSaw like an only child for a few days. How did we ever think that we were busy before...all perspective, I guess? We've enjoyed some adventures around town and relished many play/giggle sessions at home. Sawyer's been in control of the tractor rides (both their new John Deere Gator and Daddy's big lawnmower) and there's actually been time to really try and teach my little man new things. Scott and I have both determined that Sawyer is quite the ham...he'll do anything for a laugh. God help us when school starts later in August!

Sawyer, we've loved having our alone time with you these last few days. I know that you have cherished this time, too, but I also know that you ask about Jack MANY times a day. We're coming to TX to see you, big brother...we miss you, Jack!

Take me out to the ball game...and the pool

Jack played his first round of t-ball this year and really seemed to enjoy the game. The patience of the coaches was amazing as they struggled to explain baseball to 3 and 4 year olds. Jack consistently whacked the ball off the tee. Now defense??? The kids didn't quite seem to grasp that concept (or care about it) as much. In the last game of the season, Jack was plaything third base. Every time a ball was hit by the other team, Jack just enjoyed racing the runner home. He's pretty fast and funny! :)

We've also been enjoying swim lessons with Ms. KC all summer. Jack started in the beginner class at the end of June and moved up to the intermediate class where he was swimming with some older kids. He loved his time in the pool, and we just found out he's tackled some big water slides on his trip with Grandma and Grandpa. We love and miss our little fish!

Strawberry fields forever

We've loved picking berries in Indiana this summer. For every three berries Sawyer picked, he ate two!

Four candles!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Jack's 4th birthday! We started with a date night...dinner and Toy Story 3. We all loved the movie, and I cried (of course).

Saturday morning we all headed to Fun-n-Fitness for Jack's pirate party. Several of his new friends from school and playgroup came to help us celebrate. Jack loved the party and we loved the minimal clean up!

Lined up and ready to run the obstacle course

Our little monkey

The kids loved showing off their muscles!

Silly summer boys!

Here's a few tricks the little guys have been up to lately.

Big frog, little frog!

Backyard fun!

Our little Lance Armstrong!

Check out our new ride!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4 years ago today...

I was STILL in labor with our "little" boy. Jack Patrick Egan, you have been worth every second of that 30 hour saga. We love you so much! Happy 4th birthday (officially it's tomorrow as you like to remind us all!)

"Hi, I'm your Mommy, and I'll love you forever."

So cute and could we resist?

Daddy smiled even brighter while holding you, Jack.

Jack-Jack, thank you for making our world better in every way. We love you!