Thursday, February 26, 2009

Smiles galore!

The boys have been growing and changing so much in the last couple months. Jack is really becoming a comedian. He loves to make us laugh and is silly all the time. He is thoroughly enjoying school and all his friends there (they love to play superheroes together). He loves to play his guitar, read books "by himself" (which he can...memorized), make messes, help me cook, jump on his trampoline, do craft project that involve cutting, using glue, coloring and making messes, ride his tricycle and more. We can hardly keep up with him these days. He doesn't nap much anymore, but we always have rest time in his room. Rest time for Mommy that is! Jack is also turning into an amazing big brother and can make Sawyer smile instantly. Jack's looking forward to his third birthday already, and is already thinking about next Halloween. He informed met that he will trick-or-treat as a guitar and Sawyer will be a fly???

Speaking of Sawyer, gulp!!! This kid has stolen our hearts. He's all smiles, laughs, sighs, bubble blowing, etc. He's said "hi" a couple times, too. Sawyer rolls all around the floor and has started sitting up now....gravity and the weight of his belly take over pretty quickly! He's six months today, and I can't believe that it has gone so quickly. Sawyer is my cuddle bug who would let me kiss him for hours if I could. We love to just stare at each when I'm nursing him, and looking into his blue eyes always makes me tear up. Thankfully, he's sleeping about 11-12 hours at night now, and we're out of the swing for naps. Amen!!! Sawyer's eating breakfast and dinner now, too. All 20 pounds of him love oatmeal, avocado, peas, apples, pears and sweet potatoes. We can't shovel it in fast enough. Pretty soon, Sawyer will be bigger than his older brother! Jack is definitely Sawyer's favorite toy in the whole world.

Scott and I are great, too. He's taking me for a ballroom dance lesson this weekend. We've been so busy with the boys and the house, but we enjoy every little quiet moment we have together. It's been almost 8 years, and we are still head over heels in love...just have to express it admist laundry, diapers, dinner, trash, etc.! :)

Sawyer's baptism - Dec. 2008

Way back in December, Sawyer James Egan was baptized back in Humbe, TX. Surrounded by tons of family and friends, Sawyer was blessed by Father Paul Procella. We're so lucky to have Amanda Baron and Joey Freedman as our little guy's godparents!

I'm back!!!!

Sorry to have been the worst blogger since Christmas, but we've been super busy getting our house ready to put on the market. We've completely decluttered, repainted the bathroom, and totally updated our kitchen. Here are some kitchen pics to prove that we've been crazy busy!