Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Scott and I are beginning to wonder if our hearts can handle falling in love with our third little one??? We're already bursting from these two little guys...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prepping for our princess

It still seems foreign to me to be shopping for and decorating in shades of pink! In ten weeks (preferably 8 weeks!), we'll be bringing home our little girl. Thanks to Grandma, Grandmommy, Uncle Tim, Jack, Sawyer and Daddy for all contributing to the nursery of our third little one. The only thing missing is her name on the wall...and of course, her!

The walls are painted using the color, "Ariel's Dream," and the wall decal was purchased from (a DANGEROUS place!)

The quilt that matches her bedding is draped over the chair, and above it are two originals created by her big brothers (Jack's is on the left and Sawyer's is on the right).

The owls kind of came naturally after I bought the bedding the wall decal. I am not trying to inundate her with Chi Omega owls! :)

Who can resist another cute owl accent? Another find on!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Future Calvin Klein model??

Sawyer's worn his choo-choo train undies for the last couple of days and we're hoping that diapers are a thing of the past...maybe?? We've had a couple of accidents, but overall things are going pretty well. He's very proud of himself and loves flushing the potty most of all. Big brother, Jack, has been Sawyer's #1 fan in the process.

Above and beyond

Dad. Daddy. Father. Call him what you may, but my boys hit the jackpot with the main man in their lives. Between my pregnancy, my working some weekends and my recent trip to Cali, Scott has definitely earned the Eagle Scout of fatherhood!

These past few months you could find my boys (all three of them) playing on Saturday mornings at the Notre Dame gym, rollerskating, visiting the train museum, building/launching rockets, checking out the animals at the zoo, building snow forts, shoveling MOUNDS of white stuff, ZZZZZZZing each other around the house (hard to explain), practicing soccer, creating chalk masterpieces, entertaining the cul-de-sac, cooking together, playing choo-choos and so much more.

From the moment they wake up and until they are tucked snugly into bed, Daddy doesn't stop being awesome...that's the most poetic term I can think of at this point in my pregnancy! :) Our little girl will soon be in awe of her Daddy, too.

Checking out the trains...not the two engineer hats.

Lucky boys!

Preparing to take a SLOW lap around the rink.

In love with roller skating!

Gaga for Grandma!

Finally getting around to posting a few pics from my mom's visit in February. Yes, it's you want to mess with a woman 10 weeks away from deliver??? :)

Both boys were BEYOND excited to have Grandma visit....our 10 days with Grandma were filled with laughter and fun! I can't thank my Mom enough for not only entertaining us, but also for helping me prep for our little girl. Two Type-A women can get a lot done together!

Sawyer uses his toy phone to call Grandma every morning and both boys are looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa's stay this summer when their little sister arrives.

Grandma and Jack as he creates his masterpiece for the nursery.

Grandma got to read to Jack's class during her visit. She entertained all of the children, and Jack was beaming with pride!

One of the many play/tickle sessions Grandma enjoyed (and endured). I think she's playing "dead" you can see the boys are having an okay time!

We love you, Grandma!