Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back in business...kind of!

We've now been "settled" in South Bend for a week, so I guess the nomad excuse is out the window. Just in time...I can now blame my lack of blog entries on the snow. I lost my camera on our first outing out in the backyard. Just a little tip...don't leave your camera in your pocket while trying to teach your three year old how to make snow angels.

The pic of Jack is one that his fabulous new teacher, Mrs. Grall, sent today of him stencil painting at school. He really seems to have transitioned well and that's made me one happy mommy. The sweet pic of my baby boy, Sawyer was on XMAS Eve. I'll have some new shots of the little man (who seems to be looking a little leaner these days??) by this weekend when I get a new camera.

So a few updates...
-We had an amazing time with family and friends in TX. It was truly perfect.
-Scott if officially FINISHED with school!!!!! AMEN!
-We love our new house in Indiana and all the white stuff on the ground...Jack has asked a couple times, "Is winter going to be forever?" I'm hoping it's just an interest in seasons since we have a ways to go before springtime here in the Midwest.
-Basements are the best thing ever for children (and their parents!)
-We have lots of space for guests...so come and see us!

And on a final note, I am debating about changing the name of our family blog??? We are still technically the TN Egans since our boys are TN natives (that's 50% of our family), and we have a circle of people that we love back "home." Any thoughts or suggestions?

I promise (or at least really try to promise) to blog more now that we're home. Strange...very strange.