Sunday, September 19, 2010


Who am I's really B-U-Z-Z! The Egan clan is off to Disney World (despite a quick battle with strep throat!). The kids are so excited I couldn't even snap a picture of them for this post. Many pictures and stories to come in a week...

Goodbye reality and hello magic! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Questions and answers

Jack started his weekly class at our church on Thursday. On the way to church, he asked, "Will God and Jesus be in my class, too?" He was pretty insistent that they would be there. Describing the presence of God to a 4 year old is difficult (especially a 4 year old who thinks he's pretty all-knowing these days), and it made me wonder just what else he asked his teachers during class?! I did get to hear his prayer at the end of class..."Dear God, Thank you for my family and my little brother, Sawyer."

Thank you, God, for Jack Patrick Egan.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A new outlook on life

A couple weeks ago I met with an opthalmologist and discovered that I was slightly near-sighted. The appointment itself was pretty interesting...I passed out during the portion of the exam with the bright lights. I am still unsure of how someone who delivers almost 10 pound babies could faint during an eye exam, but the nurses assured me that it does happen (I'm certain that they've flagged my file for future visits.) With that drama behind me, I happily filled my prescription...I've always wanted glasses. The doctor felt that I wouldn't need to wear them all the time, but for now I am loving my new accessory!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A day at the beach

We spent part of our Labor Day weekend in St. Jospeh, MI. I am still amazed that we live about 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Michigan. This small Midwestern town on the lake is breathtaking, quaint and perfect for a weekend retreat.

The four of us...a rare shot!

Jack's favorite part of the trip was walking out onto this long pier.

Of course he needed a little help back the last minute or two. According to Jack his "muscles and energy were gone."

The Young Man and the Sea

Jack and Sawyer really wanted to go in, but we were the voices of reason (Tough being the grown-ups sometimes!) There were some people in the water...brrrr!

Jack gave us a good workout!

Sawyer was enamored with the butterflies and ladybugs he found all along the beach. Scott tagged along with him as the searched countless sticks for bugs...I'm not sure enjoyed this more?

The boys and I getting ready for our second spin on the Silver Beach Carousel. Scott rode it the first time with us, but he opted to take pics the next time around. No teacups for Daddy at Disney World!

We ate lunch on the porch of a train depot where Sawyer searched incessantly for an approaching train. Just as we were about to pack up and head to the car, his wish was granted. This little boy loves "choo-choo trains"

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ready for takeoff

These days Jack constantly talks about heading to the Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut, a pilot, etc. For now he'll settle for building this airplane out of Lincoln Logs.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Notre Dame football

Scott and Jack attended Notre Dame's season opener on Saturday. The Irish beat Purdue, and father and son loved their football date. Both boys came home with smiles on their face and Scott's voice was almost gone (from cheering and answering Jack's constant stream of questions). Next weekend, I have a date with Dr. Egan...Notre Dame vs. Michigan.

Go Irish!

We are still first and foremost Longhorns, but it was pretty amazing to be a part of an Irish football weekend. The boys and I went to band practice on Friday night with friends, and then we met Daddy to attend the ND pep rally. It was quite an experience, and the boys were in awe....actually we all felt a little bit like Rudy that night! More pics to come of Jack and Scott at the game.

Front row seats for our little red heads!

Quite the scene on a gorgeous afternoon

Jack enjoyed wrestling with his buddy, Colm, almost as much (or more) than partaking in the ND festivities.

Sawyer worked diligently trying to open this "beer"...really a Diet Dr. Thunder (the good stuff!)

"Singing (and Stomping) In the Rain"

Rain boots and countless puddles...let's have some fun, boys!

Sawyer's smile makes up for the lack of sunshine!

Focused on his strength and jumping abilities...all boy!