Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eight is enough

Sawyer turned eight months on Sunday, and we've decided to stop him right there. He's such a happy and easygoing little guy! He loves to chew on anything (most recently my kitchen spatulas), play peek-a-boo, swing in his porch swing, be outside at all times of the day, speak to us in his own little language, pull up on things despite his over sized belly and blow raspberries when his mouth is full of pureed fruits/veggies. Each new little trick is thrilling, but we'd love for time to stand still for just a little while.

TX visitors = TN smiles

Grandmommy and Grandfather arrived in their truck (which Jack loves) on Friday evening, and have been thoroughly entertaining our boys all week. Hours of backyard fun, visits to the Bi-Centennial Mall fountains, music class thrills, a visit to the downtown library, tennis tutorials and a fudgesicle-filled picnic have been just a few of the highlights this week.

Music to our ears

On Monday mornings, Jack and Sawyer are budding musicians in their class at The Music Playhouse. Jack is the enthusiastic star of the class, and he truly has a song in his heart (which he belts out all day long! Sawyer loves to be surrounded by all the kids and of course enjoys playing and tasting all the instruments!

Run Egans Run!

My giving, thoughtful and selfless husband stuck with me at MY pace through 13.1 miles on Saturday morning in the Country Music Half Marathon.

We pounded the pavement with our friends Amanda, Chris and Nikki and all endured the hottest race in its 10 year history. After a long recovery nap cuddled next to my sweet Sawyer, we headed out for celebratory Mexican food and margaritas. I could not feel my legs that night...the race or the drinks???

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Easter!

A fun-filled day with family and friends. Jack and Coop definitely understood the Egg hunt this year, and loved the "tasty" treasures they found.

Welcome to my crib!

Sawyer and Jack (and their parents) were thrilled to have a surprise visit from their adorable cousin Austin, Uncle Aaron and Aunt RaRa over Easter weekend! The boys were a little older this time, so they were more aware of one another. It won't be too long before they're all wrestling...Jack tried to get it started a few times. The Greene family is back in TX now and we miss them so much!

Something's wrong, Mommy!

Jack is experimenting with his emotions these days. Most of the time, he's my bubbly little boy but he is noting other feelings, too...angry, frustrated, excited, hungry (his tummy loves to "grumble") and most frequently sad! I think a lot of this is inspired by the book, Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis (he loves it!). Here's a recent conversation we had in the car.

Jack - "Mommy, something's wrong."
Mommy- "What's wrong love bug?"
Jack - "I feel very sad."
Mommy- "Oh, I'm sorry buddy. Why are you sad?"
Jack - "I'm sad because I want to watch a movie at home."
Mommy - "I'm sorry your sad, but we aren't watching a movie."
Jack - "How's this? First, we play, then we watch a movie?" Mind you that the word "movie" has great inflection and passion embedded into it!

We definitely have a little guy who will likely be involved in some creative arts...possibly drama!


Inspired by an episode of Sesame Street, the Egan clan decided to have a parade of hats one morning. Cowboy hats, firefighter hats, pirate hats, etc. Here are our pirate renditions. Daddy wins for scariest pirate and Sawyer wins for the pirate with the least number of teeth (still only one!). Jack and Mommy are just goofy as always!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pearly Whites

Or make that a lone pearly white! This is one of the last shots you'll see of Sawyer without his new tooth. It popped up right after we returned from California, and by the look of it we better start saving for braces!

Our "Beach Boys" and their good vibrations

Our trip to California centered around the 90th birthday of Scott's Grandma Jo and her twin sister, Jean. The entire extended family stayed in La Jolla for the weekend, and it was perfect. Our boys loved every second of the beach...despite the early April chill we even got our feet wet. Jack was truly amazed at the sunset, and it took our breath away to watch him marvel at the sight. The entire family determined that Jack needs an agent... He really was the life of the party. Sawyer's blue eyes, endless chubby rolls, and crinkled nose grin melted everyone's heart! Scott and I could have done without the time change since our boys were getting up at 4:30 a.m., but sleep is overrated. We're definitely researching beach locales for Scott's post-doc!

Pleased to meet you, Abigator!

I apologize once and for posts will probably never be timely. Can anything be timely when you have kids?

We flew out to San Diego at the beginning of April (more info to come on that trip) and were greeted first by my "crazy" friend, Jill, and her family. Jill's little girl, Abigail (or Abigator to Jack) is just a month younger than Sawyer. We had a fun visit with the kiddos and an even better time after they went to sleep. I still don't believe that there is any alcohol in "Two Buck Chuck!" Thankfully, I avoided the "flu!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seven month Sawyer

Life just gets sweeter everyday!

Snail's pace

Our ice skating adventure was a success. In Jack's own words, "I love this! Let's do this again!" We crawled around the ice many times in an hour. That one hour felt like an eternity but he loved it. The Zamboni machine was a hit, too.

Playtime pals

Seeing them play together just overwhelms me with joy. The boys also got to play with Gramps for an evening when he visited. Jack loved entertaining him (and of course being entertained)!