Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beach boys

My third post of the day (it's all or nothing these days!), and these pics are shamelessly stolen from my mother-in-laws blog. More pics to come tonight of our beach trip and Grandma's visit to IN in February. I'll get it together someday!

We headed south for Gulf Shores, AL on 3/11. The boys were excellent travelers and Jack constantly updated us on the rising temperatures displayed in our mini-van. Speaking of mini-vans...I'm smitten with mine and thanked it about a million times during our drive to the beach. Between the DVD player, Jack's ongoing obsession with writing/drawing, Sawyer's love of his travel beach bucket filled with toys from the dollar store and plenty of snacks, we arrived in Gulf Shores with smiles on our faces. Of course, Jack was a little confused when he saw the ultra-white sound through his window. "I thought it was warmer here. Why is there snow?" He REALLY needed this trip!

Thank you so much to Grandmommy and Grandfather for a wonderful time at the beach. The boys were so content to roll around in the sand, take dips in the freezing cold water, dig GIANT holes on the beach, bury each other in sand, use their new squirt toys to attack family members and the college party crowd and just have some southern fun. It was perfect!

Here's a shot of the Egan men...the last official group shot before we add our little girl to the mix (and possible Pat and Morgan's???).


Hunting for shells, jellyfish and college girls!

Conner and his friend, Jacob. We celebrated Conner's 13th birthday together. Hard to believe!

Morgan and I sipping our O'Douls....we were desperate!


Sawyer's second birthday party had a train theme, and it's looking like we'll have a repeat for his third birthday celebration. The kid is obsessed! About 5 times a day he'll say, "Mommy, I have a question." When my eyes and ears are focused on him, he'll then ask, "Do you want to go to the train store today?"

Most kids save up to buy a car, but Sawyer will be saving up to buy a train!

Gramps visits in February (a little late on the posting)

It's almost April, so I thought I'd get around to posting pics of my Dad's visit in late February! Blame it on being almost 7 months preggo!

We had a great visit with my Dad, and the boys couldn't get enough of him. The boys loved playing at the ND gym with Gramps, building their first respectable snowman and picking out some new toys at Target (they'll forever associate Gramps with Target!). Many smiles were had over the weekend, and we're excited to see Gramps (and the Greene clan) next week.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To the rescue!

It's hard to believe that my big boy is already falling in love with chapter books, but we can't get enough of the Captain Underpants series these days! Of course, the boys love acting out the roles of Captain Underpants and Dr. Diaper...a flair for the dramatics in the Egan household.

Pics to come soon of the recent grandparent visits and our little girl's nursery!