Friday, January 28, 2011


You may be wondering why Sawyer is sporting the Tarzan look?? Our only response is that Sawyer is Sawyer, and we found him this way after nap one afternoon!
"Why"...a three letter word that has recently become our little guy's favorite. It is not uncommon for him to use it 20 times in a matter of minutes. It's amazing to see his little mind at work, but I struggle to come up with authentic answers after the 10th question!
Here are a few "why" questions for you See-Saw:
-Why are you obsessed with animals these days (particularly the tapir)?
-Why do you love sitting on a pillow while playing Go Fish and Uno?
-Why do you like to crawl naked up to the top bunk and cook us food each night after bath time?
-Why have you already perfected the art of crossing your arms in a huff and giving us that look?
-Why do you like to have battles with your brother that involve spatulas, whisks, basters and spoons?
-Why do you hold up every picture/craft you make and declare with a beaming smile, "TA DA!"?
-Why are you still a little sick after 4 days of antibiotics?
-Why are you insistent on the idea that Mommy is having a boy that we'll name Sawyer?
-Why are you so darn perfect?

Our little author

Jack is all about writing/illustrating stories these days. It's absolutely amazing to see his little mind at work, and to see his literacy skills unfold before our eyes. Above is the cover page of his first book (can't get it to rotate correctly), "If You Want a Bad Guy to Hit." He spells if "EF" and then uses the first letter in each word. He also noted that this is a #6 book (a lot of his readers at home are Level 1 and Level 2). We're definitely starting to go through some paper in our house!

Yesterday, he came down from his rest with a present for me...a letter that said "I LVW YU." It made my month! This little boy has a passion for learning and a heart of gold.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Room for 5

Our growing family needed more space, so we sold my Hyundai Santa Fe (after only a day in the paper) and are now owners of a Toyota Sienna. I'm still coming to terms with this, but it's a pretty sweet ride! Jack is in love with the fact that he has rear A/C controls and can open the door with the click of a button....not to mention that we're installing a DVD system for them (really for us!). Sawyer keeps saying "This is cool!" Now we can actually fit the baby in a car seat for the ride home from the hospital...that makes it all worth it!

Note the snow in the background. It will be here for quite awhile!

Back to the blog!

It's hard to believe that such a little thing could create such major changes in your life (and body), but this little one has definitely made an impact! We are so excited to be expecting our third child in June and this beautiful photo of him/her was taken at 10 weeks. At that time, I could barely stand because I felt so bad! Thankfully, I am 17 weeks now and feeling much hubby and kids are so happy to have me back. We'll be finding out if we need blue or pink very soon! :)

Here are a few highlights of the past couple months when blogging was the last thing on my mind...

-We enjoyed our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. I wasn't the life of the party, but it was still wonderful to see family and friends.
-The boys got to ride a train into Chicago (Sawyer's dream come true) with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Tim. They loved the sights, XMAS decor, Lego Land, the Shedd Aquarium and swimming in the hotel pool. I loved not getting out of bed for 3 days!
-We had a wonderful Christmas and the boys were enthralled with the entire season. They literally did not want to leave the house for a few days after Santa's visit because they were so enamored with their new toys!
-I'm working a part-time job where I mentor/teach/befriend teenage moms. It is very rewarding and humbling, and still lets be home with my boys 95% of the time.
-Scott got two grants awarded to him and has several other grants and papers in proud of Dr. Egan
-Scott and I got the!
-And the boys...well they're funnier than ever! We have bunk beds set up in Jack's room now and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa it's painted and ready for Sawyer to move in (now are we ready??)

More updates to come (I promise), but here is a recent pic of each boy. Jack basking in the glow of XMAS morning and Sawyer falling in love with a leg of chicken!