Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring has sprung

It's officially spring here in Granger, IN (never mind that some early mornings the temp still hovers in the 30's), so that means you can find the Egans...playing outside, eating outside, at Jack's soccer practice outside, riding bikes outside, licking popsicles outside, chasing birds outside, hunting for bugs outside, drawing with chalk outside, playing at local parks outside, looking at flowers outside...

If you need us, we're outside.

Irish Longhorns

Decked out in our navy blue, gold and green, the Egan family headed out in the drizzling rain to attend Notre Dame's blue/gold spring football game this Saturday. The boys loved everything about the experience...the leprechaun mascot, the band, the game, and the peanuts. Scott and I realized how amazing it will be for Jack and Sawyer to grow up as ND fans. At the same time, we felt like we were cheating on our spouse...the Texas Longhorns. We've come to the conclusion that we're Longhorns first and foremost, but we're thrilled to adopt Notre Dame as our #2 team. As long as they don't play each other, we'll be okay. The Egans are officially Irish Longhorns...maybe that would be a good blog name?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all! Our little family of four had an amazing day in South Bend. Jack's been counting down the days until Easter for about two weeks with the help of a paper chain. He just asked if we could make one for XMAS now! Both boys enjoyed dying the eggs this year and the mess that went with it. Sawyer didn't really have any interest in eating the hard boiled eggs, but Jack ate 6 (or more?) in a two days...better than candy right??

Somehow we got so excited during the egg hunt that we didn't take a single shot...sorry! My Mom and Gary held some practice hunts during their visit in March, so both boys were excited to come downstairs in the morning and see a house full of eggs. Sawyer was a pro during the practice runs, but when there was actual candy to be found (and eaten), he collected very few eggs. Jack landed the majority of the loot, but sugar-high Sawyer didn't seem to mind at all. They had a blast and loved their baskets, too. Both boys love their new rain boots and pray for some precip daily!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where did my baby go?

It's been awhile...I know, I know. I am waiting to inherit Scott's old MAC, so I'm limited in computer hours. I'll keep trying!

We had Jack's school conference today. We're absolutely in love with his new school and his teachers. Thankfully (but not surprising to his parents :), they are love with him, too. Jack was officially called the boy's social butterfly of the class (where does he get this?)...this is a big change since he seemed a little on the shy side at his last school. He's writing his name and many other letters now, he's starting to read (memorize), talk about patterns non-stop, understand addition and subtraction and more. Most importantly he is just having a blast and is excited that he'll get to go to school more next year...five mornings a week. His teacher really feels like he's kindergarten bound on time, and I'm 98% convinced.

Gone are the days of my little baby, although he still loves to snuggle with me while I tickle his back and we talk about our days (or most recently witches, Snow White, pirates, Disney World, Cooper and Cameron, trips to TX to see our family, locking the door, new friends and his upcoming birthday party). Occasionally, he'll even let me carry him up the stairs before nap time (aka. play quietly in your room and give mommy a break time). Each time that I do, he lays his head on my shoulder. I think we both like to hold on to a piece of that past. I'll take it as long as I can.