Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A formal affair

Just in case you were wondering, proper playground attire now includes a "button down shirt" and bow tie...at least according to Jack. My little man loves to go out on the town looking his most "handsome!"

The "Dude" would definitely recruit Jack for his team!

We took Jack bowling for the first time this weekend and he loved it! He was just as excited by the ball machine as he was the actual act of bowling. I hate to admit it, but my two year old almost beat me. I could have used the gutter guards! Scott was most excited by the fact that he beat President Obama's score!

Kickin' it...apartment style!

The boys seem to be enjoying apartment living, and Scott and I are loving the lack of yard work and reduced housework load! Here's what we do around the new pad all day...

Is there really any better way to enjoy a tortilla?

Interior designers might scoff at using a train table as your coffee table, but Sawyer thinks it's brilliant!

Bathing beauties!

The garage is our new backyard....sandbox, water table and trampoline included. No joke!

Sawyer's just along for the ride...literally!

Fired up for Mommy and Grandma!

Grandma and Grandpa treated us to Goten (a hibachi restuarant in Nashville) for a belated Mother's Day celebration. The boys could not take their eyes off the chef and the flame, but that was only after Jack gave Grandma the death grip when the fire was initally lit! Jack loved using his chopsticks and has added a chef's hat to his birthday list. Sawyer was a little under the weather, but loved the experience, too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our house was a very very very fine house....

Thanks for the memories, little house.

One-sided conversation

Sawyer is in love with the "girl" and "boy" in this book. He has volumes to say to them and doesn't seem bothered by the fact that they never respond back.

A flair for the arts

Do you think Van Gogh painted in undies, too?

We know Jack loves music, but we are hoping that this passion leads him to something other than a Chippendale dancer!

Costumes are all the craze with Jack right now. When not performing as a Chippendale dancer, this tie allows him to pretend he's a "minister" (like the one who hands out lollipops after his music class). He loves to kick it around our new apartment as the Karate Kid. Jack also sported his Great Grandfather Jack's bow tie around town yesterday, too. He was definitely the most stylish kid at the playground. He knew it, too, as he told a couple women at the restaurant, "I'm gorgeous!" Creative, yes. Modest, no.

The best laid plans...

It looks like we'll be in Nashville a few months longer than we had originally planned. Jack and his best pal, Cooper, will take advantage of of the additional days and additional laughs!