Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

A couple of parents, who will remain nameless, were slackers and forgot to charge their camera for tonight's festivities. Luckily, the Barons are responsible parents so we'll mooch off of them and post actual Halloween pictures later. Here are a couple shots of our boys as they prepare for the holiday.

Trick-or-treating was a hit tonight! Jack and Cooper ran from house to house (and both tripped and fell on their costumes about 100 times), and Sawyer and Tucker raked in the candy with their cuteness. Both boys are sound asleep and now Mommy and Daddy are preparing to raid the pumpkins for the best candy. Pays to be the parents! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Madness!

16 kids under the age of 4, sugar highs from candy and cookies = CHAOS and FUN!!!!

Good times with Gramps

The Egan family enjoyed a visit from Gramps (my Dad) last weekend! Jack was so excited to see him and loved his vampire impressions. Sawyer was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up and enjoyed being entertained and cuddled by Gramps. Our Superheroes soccer team loved his presence, too....the first couple games we scored multiple goals! We miss Gramps already and look forward to seeing him again at Christmas!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mom's Night Out

I have been so blessed to connect with such amazing women here in Nashville. These are some of the hot mommas who have surrounded and supported my boys and I for the last several years. The moms enjoyed a fun night out at Sips N Strokes (forgive the name!) on Sunday. Wine, painting and laughter made it a perfect evening and a wonderful way to celebrate Amy's upcoming little #3.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peas in a pod

Sequence of events: 1) cute picture cuddled in bed 2) boys wrestling around together and laughing hysterically 3) Jack taking it a little too far and starting to get too much in Sawyer's face 4) Sawyer crying and Mommy/Daddy stepping in.

This is a typical pattern at our house, but luckily the first two phases are stretching out to last longer and longer these days. I just love to see them together and can't imagine not having my two boys.

Jack has mentioned several times lately that he wants a baby sister (fueled in part by his friend's new baby sister and the book, The Bernstein Bears and the New Baby). He informed me the other morning that he would like to choose the name and that she would be called "Rocco." When I aksed him to explain , he reminded me that Alyssa and Hayden (TX friends) have a dog named Rocco (whom he met a couple months ago). Makes perfect sense to me. Rocco Egan...a princess just waiting to come into this world! :)

On Loan from Texas

We were so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa back in Nashville for a week! Their visit was packed with laughter and fun including 3 soccer games, a TX win over OU, a Halloween fesitval at the zoo, a visit to the Discovery Center, a morning at the library storytime, lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, a sleepover with Jack, trips to the park, games, books and more. The boys were in heaven (as were their parents!) and we hated to see them drive off. We miss our "village" and realize how much they (and others) have helped shape who are children are today.


If there is a woman/girl anywhere around, Sawyer will find her and flirt with her. He's honing up on this skill all across Nashville. Sawyer is oftentimes more interested in flirting with people (especially the ladies) than eating these days....and that says a lot! :)

When he's not batting his eyelashes, Sawyer loves to make animal noises (fish, snake, sheep, duck, dog and cat), point to his body parts (tummy, head, ear), play in his sandbox, read stories, dance, color (he's actually not just eating the crayons!), be outside 24/7 and watch me blow bubbles. And of course, don't forget eating...he's really good at that. Sawyer now weighs 27 1/2 pounds while his big brother, Jack, is just shy of 34 pounds. Watch out big brother, here
he comes!

Biker boy

Bye-bye tricylce and hello bicycle (with training wheels)! Spurred on by Curious George Rides a Bike, Grandma's visit/cheering and his own drive to keep "growing up", Jack has officially adopted his "big boy bike!" The transition was pretty quick and easy for him and he's already riding around the complex at a rapid pace...I'll get a good run in with him! He likes to ride his bike to go to "work on his DNA", "buy yogurt, fruit and veggies at the outside grocery store", and "work at the post office." Busy days for my Jack-Jack.

Praying for a win...actually a goal!

What the Superheroes have lacked in goals this season, they make up for in heart! Jack's team is the youngest and smallest in the league, and they have struggled to keep up all season. Coach Chris is amazing and keeps the kids (and parents) fired up and playing simply for the love of the game. The kids really seem to care less and just enjoy running, laughing and having fun. We had three games this past weekend and ACTUALLY did score some goals!! The start of the game prayers came true! :) The Superheroes were so excited but still seemed to care mostly about the snacks/drinks they get after the game.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pudding portrait

Sawyer loved painting with pudding recently...finally an art project where he CAN eat the materials! We'll continue working on not eating crayons!

On another note, Sawyer is now the proud owner of 2 more teeth. 8 total!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh, brother!

Sawyer and I always have part of the day to ourselves on Mondays and Wednesdays while Jack is at school. We love our alone time, but we're always excited to pick up big brother. Jack often runs to us, and says "I missed you guys!" Frequently, he chooses to hug Sawyer first and then remembers to hug his Mommy.

Yesterday, a thoughtful teacher offered to entertain Sawyer while I trudged upstairs to pick up Jack and his gear. As always, Jack bounded to the door to greet me, but this time he questioned "Where is Sawyer?" I smiled at how quickly he wanted to get downstairs to see his little brother.

Their together times are filled with more and more giggles these days and it's amazing to step back when they don't know that I'm watching and observe them playing with each other. I think they're slowly looking into each others eyes and seeing a lifelong playmate and buddy. Of course, as you read this Jack will be "accidentally" knocking Sawyer over, and Sawyer will be accidentally destroying Jack's wooden block creations.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Ups and Downs of 3

Oh, to live with a three year old....the highs and lows. We'll probably see these emotional and behavioral waves again during the teenage years. Jack's highs are breathtaking: a vivid imagination (see above as Jack role played being a veterinarian), conversations teeming with new words and ideas, an endless curiosity for the world around him, and the joy of witnessing his first true friendships. Our budding musician runs out the door for school, continues to have a love of reading, beams with pride on the soccer field (even when he's miles away from the ball), shows a genuine love for his brother and amazes us with the joy he gets out of each and every thing he encounters.

And then the lows...oh the lows! Jack's mischievous side has been slowly creeping out since his third birthday. He likes to see just how far he can push a limit and even go beyond it at times. Unfortunately, "no" is a word that we are all saying more often these days. Jack loves to dote on his little brother as they play together, but he'll also try to get in a jab here or there, too. I find myself counting "1...2...3" in my sleep and we're wearing out the carpet in the time out spot.

As a counselor, I know this is a developmental phase. In fact Erik Erikson describes this period of toddler hood in the following way:

Toddler: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt (2 to 3 years)

  • Psychosocial Crisis: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt
  • Virtue: Will

As the child gains control over eliminative functions and motor abilities, they begin to explore their surroundings. The parents still provide a strong base of security from which the child can venture out to assert their will. The parents' patience and encouragement helps foster autonomy in the child. Highly restrictive parents, however, are more likely to instill the child with a sense of doubt and reluctance to attempt new challenges.

Patience, patience, patience, patience. Go forth, Jack...venture out and assert your will. We love you so much, and we'll ride these waves together.