Friday, November 21, 2008

Boys, boys, boys!

I'm surrounded by boys and loving it! Scott went to Reno for work, and the boys and I survived his absence. We love it MUCH more when Daddy is home, though! Jack is still loving school and he is getting very excited for Christmas and Santa's visit! He's talking up a storm, and is VERY active and all boy right now. We occassionally have to put toys away that are flung across the house! Sawyer is quickly showing us that he wants to be a star in our house, too. He's full of smiles, laughter, and coos. He loves playing Pat-A-Cake with Mommy and laughs when we sing "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Deck the Halls." The last few nights, he's only nursed once...hallelujah! It will probably be awhile before he rolls over or sits on his own...he's so big and I'm not as good about tummy time with #2! Scott and I feel so blessed to have these two little boys in our lives.

Sawyer's first trip to the Lone Star State

Sawyer and I flew to Texas on Thursday, November 6th to meet our adorable new newphew/cousin, Austin. We had a great visit and the babies had fun together...well they slept, ate and were in each other's presence. Austin's four days older, but you can see from the pics that Sawyer's a wee bit bigger! We got to visit with Grandmommy/Grandfather, Uncle Mitch/Conner/Marley, Daniele and Kim/Hans/Griffin, too. It was a wonderful visit, and we can't wait to return at Christmas.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

Sawyer and I went to do our civic duty on Tuesday, and thankfully the lines weren't too long. As you can see, he's pretty happy with the results!

Trick or Treat!

Jack absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating this year! We had a big group out with us that night including his pal, Cooper. Jack knocked on the door and said, "Happy Halloween. Trick or treat!" We practiced this at home. He practically ran from house to house for almost an hour! Sawyer was part of the fun, too, and slept great that night after all the excitment! The pictures didn't come out well, but here is a little glimpse of our fun!