Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 times the fun!!!

Somehow my baby boy turned three this weekend. I'm not sure how it happened truly?? I feel like just yesterday I was holding him in my arms for the first time and thanking God for this perfect little red-headed person. We've had such a wonderful adventure the past three years with Jack, and this birthday weekend was no exception! Jack was treated to having his Grandma, Grandpa, Gramps, Uncle Peeps and Uncle Tim in town for his special weekend. A great group of friends and family attended the Spiderman party at The Monkey's Treehouse for Jack and his friend, Russell. The kids all had a blast, and Jack basked in the glow of being the center of attention (like most three year olds do!) His favorite and cutest moment was singing happy birthday to himself while pointing around the room and laughing hysterically. He did get some extra candle blowing help from his birthday buddy! We finished off the amazing day with a Nashville Sounds game where Jack got to run the bases, jump on the bungee trampoline and see fireworks. Sawyer was quite the trooper and loved every part of the event, too. He helped Jack celebrate until about 10:00 that night! We all slept in on Sunday! I"ll post more birthday pics when I get them from my Uncle Tim (the photographer)

At 3, Jack:
*loves to dress up and play make believe
*loves to swim, swim, swim
*can't wait to play soccer in the fall
*enjoys reading book after book after book
*sings and talks all day long (where would that come from?)
*doesn't ask why, but rather "What happens if ___blank___?"
*insists on wearing what he wants to wear (clothes and shoes) and prefers to wear pants everyday
*likes to be handsome and have his hair looking good!
*loves to dote on Sawyer and make him laugh (which he can do more than anyone else)
*also loves to annoy Sawyer
*likes to tell me "no" more but is still so easily redirected and apologetic (hope this lasts longer?)
*oscillates between wanting to do everything on his own and still really needing our help
*rarely naps anymore but relishes his quiet time in his room (so do I)
*has finally branched out with his "movies"...we've added Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Diego and Dora to our repetoire.
*loves to play the rhyming game with Mommy!
*asks everday about what adventures we'll be going on??
*remains to still be such an easygoing (thanks Scott), curious, and fun-loving kid...a perfect gift.

We love you, Jack Patrick Egan!!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sawyer is blooming

It's hard to believe that our little baby boy is now 10 months old, and that a year ago we were just a family of three. Sawyer is the perfect addition to our family and he always keeps us entertained. He's crawling all over the place, cruising around our furniture and really starting to communicate with us (MaMa, Dada, Ga aka. Jack, Mo (more) pointing, etc.) He's the proud owner of four teeth now, too!

Sawyer loves:
eating any food especially things that come right off my plate
swimming, swimming, swimming
being anywhere near Jack
laughing at his brother and his silly noises and songs
exploring at his gymnastics class
reading books especially ones that have pictures of other babies
helping me unload the dishwasher (he finds this fascinating?)
tirelessly searching for the smallest pieces of lint to put in his mouth
playing with his dinosaur ball drop, car and drum (or any toy in Jack's room!)
laughing at the Hokey Pokey Elmo
watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (so much for not letting our babies watch TV!)
splashing around at our water table
his lovey blanket/thumb
sleep (thank God!)

Sawyer does NOT enjoy:
when his brother bothers him...he'll actually protest now!
having his face cleaned...hates it!
having his diaper changed
doing anything he really doesn't want to do. he'll let us know right away(that's the red head in him!) :)

Sweet summertime

I haven't posted any pics in awhile, but our summer has been filled with so much fun. Too much excitement to be on the computer! We've been busy traveling to Chattanooga, swimming, playing with friends, attending gymnastics classes, visiting the zoo, the Discovery Center and Nashville Shores (city's water park). It's been so wonderful to be home with my boys each and every day, and we've loved getting more time with Daddy, too. The one low point of the summer came when Grandma and Grandpa officially moved back to Texas. We miss them so much and can't wait for them to return for Jack's 3rd birthday. Before they left town, we had a good friend of ours snap some photos of our family in our old neighborhood park. He did a great job capturing the personalities of my boys and the love our family shares.