Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sawyer time

Having multiple kids has truly taught me that I really don't know very much about raising kids. It was so much easier to give other parents advice when I was the school counselor. With my oldest son, Jack, I put many of the theories I learned into practice, and he willingly cooperated and followed my lead. Jack likes to follow the rules, won't leave the driveway if his seat belt isn't buckled and recently talked about wanting his 6th birthday party to unite his various groups of friends (school pals, neighborhood friends and playgroup buddies). Wow...what a great parenting job we did! :)

And then came our #2...Sawyer James Egan. My loving, creative, funny, smart and strong-willed little train lover. He writes his own rules. This kid can have me laughing hysterically one minute and then he can frustrate me to no end in the next breath. My little bull knows what he wants when he wants it...he's sure to be the leader of something in the future. President of an entertainment network?

Here's my little character being, well a character!

Sawyer does not like to perform on my command. He drives the train...literally. His little brain is constantly working, and I love when he lets me have a glimpse of the amazing things inside of it. He's known his letters and sounds for a long time now, and he's really progressing these days in his fine motor skills. When asked at home to write his name or any letters he typically replies no or asks for us to do it together. Both of those choices are okay with me at this point. However, tonight while waiting for Jack's basketball pep rally to begin I gave my little boy a pen and paper for doodling. He proceeded to write several letters...H, W, S, T and O. Some of them are hard to make out on this picture, but my jaw dropped when I saw him do it. All on his own and all on Sawyer time.

I wonder how little I'll know as a parent by the time Grace is 3?


Sarah Wilson said...

As we've known all along I think, our kids are mirrors of each other - my Grace is also the rule follower (and she's home sick today - throwing up) and Lila is the wild, crazy, unpredictable one. Can't wait to find out about Grace Egan and June. Love & miss, s

Trish said...

Is that a silk Kimono he's wearing?

TennesseEgans said...

We'll have to keep each other sane, Sarah! :) Hope your Grace gets well soon. Miss and love you!

Trish, that is the ever popular kimono you brought back from Singapore for Jack. It's gotten a lot of use in our house! :)